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I am an associate professor in the department of informatics, and an affiliate faculty member of both school of engineering and school of science, at Kyushu University in Japan. I am belonging to the multi-agent laboratory. My major research field is multi-agent systems, a subfield of artificial intelligence. More specifically, my research focuses on algorithmic aspects of mechanism design, including resource allocations and social choice. Further information on my research is found at Kyushu University Research Activities Database, Google Scholar, DBLP, and researchmap.

CV (updated on Jul. 30, 2021)
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Contact Information

W2-850, Kyushu University Ito Campus
Fukuoka, 819-0395 Japan
Email: todo at inf dot kyushu-u dot ac dot jp
Tel: +81-92-802-3590
Office Hours: Tue. 3 – 5pm


For those who are interested in studying in our group in Kyushu University as a master/doctor’s course student, please first contact me with sending your cv and a two-page research statement. We are very sorry that currently our group is not accepting any research student, due to too many requests. (Dec 22, 2021)


Selected Publications

To see a full list of my publications, please refer to my DBLP entry and/or my Google Scholar page:

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